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Thesis Booklet - A Library of the Mind

Thesis Booklet - A Library of the Mind

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A Library of the Mind
Master of Architecture 2017
Dami Lee
Master of Architecture Program
Ryerson University

In order to adapt to the explosion of technology and information in the post-modern world, our culture has organized knowledge into distinct categories and has privileged the “known” as the ideal truth. While this reductionist approach allows us to examine a specific topic efficiently, it has also led to a fragmented and oversimplified understanding of an otherwise enigmatic world. Umberto Eco, semiotician and novelist, criticized this rigid categorization and preferred a more complex, labyrinthine system, organizing his personal ad-hoc collection of books into unconventional categories. Venice, the labyrinthine city, is a physical manifestation of the concept of on-linearity and becomes a metaphor and strategy for exploring the idea of mystery and the derive. The thesis explores the themes of slow reading, serendipity, and mystery, through the design of the Research Library that brings together Eco’s collection.

Pages: 300, colors
Format: PDF 

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Customer Reviews

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J Bailey
A Bibliophile's Dream

Serendipity brought me here, from a curious YouTube clip and love for all things architecture, and then the mention of libraries and Umberto Eco.

As someone with a MLIS and a slight penchant for all things architectural, this thesis piqued my curiosity from the title alone. Though I am voraciously devouring the new, to me, architectural concepts within, I find myself lingering over the eloquence of word usage, the tasteful layout, the quotes and sources, the delightful library images, and the deeper frameworks.
Further, I am absolute elated with pure joy (euthymia!)
to have encountered familiar concepts that are present within the LAMspace.

My only regret is that the thesis is not available as a printed edition. I would easily pay a hundred plus for this gem.

Thank you for sharing this and well done!

wonderful thesis

thoroughly interesting and worth the price - hoping that there is the possibility of a printed and bound copy in the future.


Fascinating read.