U.S. Department of Energy Race to Zero Student Design Competition
1st Place in Small Multi-Family Housing Category
True North Design Team
Critic: Dr. Mark Gorgolewski / Cheryl Atkinson

Race to Zero is a design competition that brings together developers and design teams to design a feasible, high-performance housing strategy, meeting Passive House Standards and DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Specifications.

The team was composed of Masters students from architecture, engineering, and building science, and the multi-disciplinary composition of the team allowed for an integration of all parties from concept to design. We also worked with Sustainable TO Architecture + Building, who identified a 74’ × 37’ lot in Leslieville, Toronto, located on the edge of a post industrial area close to the urban core.

With relatively affordable real-estate, the infill urban housing project targets the growing number of new families who are choosing compact multi-unit housing over single-family; detached houses in return for the proximity to various amenities and the downtown core. This shift in demand was a key factor in the design of Eastern Pine, which can be used as a precedent for future building in the city. By focusing on passive strategies, and ensuring an airtight envelope design, we were able to reduce energy consumption and provide maximum livable space, all at an affordable price. Through the provision of ample green space, the design promotes physical activity and increased social interaction, along with providing passive cooling, shading and improving air quality. The project won first place in Small Multi-Family Housing Category.

Role: Architect

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