Top 3 gift ideas for Architects

Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for architects, using three simple criteria:

  1. Usefulness / function – is this something that I can actually use every day? Or will it just gonna sit somewhere and collect dust in my apartment? Most architects are minimalists and extremely organized, meaning they hate clutter, they hate having things that are not essential to their life.
  2. Beauty / form – is it nice to look at? Is it nice to touch? is it gonna make you happy when you see it? 
  3. Meaning – what is the meaning BEHIND the object? This one goes hand in hand with intent. What do you want this person to do with your gift? Don't get the thing that you want them to have. Get the thing that you really believe they will want to have.

    My parents obviously wanted me to learn more about geography… but I really wanted a fuse bead kit!

Jeff Galeski

1 year ago

I just love those mechanical pencils.

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