transitioning from architecture to tech

In this video, I interview Evelyn Lee.

She started her career in architecture and after becoming a licensed architect, transitioned into various roles and industries. She now works as a Senior Experience Designer at Slack. She is also the founder of Practice of Architecture,  and now, their new podcast, Practice Disrupted, where they help individuals and practices find growth opportunities and a new direction in times of technological and cultural changes.

We talk about her various career transitions, some practical tips for young architects and we also talk about the industry and the need for architecture firms to break out of the traditional method of practice, in order to be more relevant and involved.

It was very interesting to hear her point of view because she really challenged the common sentiment that architectural schools need to catch up with the architectural industry. She believes that schools are where we learn innovative thinking and that it's the industry that needs to evolve with the times and expand their skillsets and scope of services.

I recently heard a similar point of view, in a TED talk by Liz Ogbu, talking about the idea of the “Citizen Architect”.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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