Frank Lloyd Wright excursion, my big mistake and new journey.

In the Summer of 2011, my friend Dave and I drove across US to see Frank Lloyd Wright buildings spread out throughout the country. Frank Lloyd Wright is, by far, the most well-known architect in America, and probably one of the most influential. You might know him from his famous buildings, Fallingwater or the Guggenheim, but his reach spread much farther than that. He designed more than 1,000 structures, 532 of which were built. Most of them were homes for middle-income Americans. He literally changed the American landscape and shaped the way we think about living. At the same time, he was a narcissist, a control freak, and an adulterer who ran off with one of his clients’ wives.

That Summer, Dave and I knocked on doors, heard stories from homeowners, did tours, and documented each FLW building. We visited more than 100 buildings, which I had documented in a blog.

Here’s my big mistake.

At that time, I didn’t understand this little important detail called File Size. I had uploaded almost five hundred - 3MB high-res. Photos taken straight out of my DSLR (because bigger is better, right?!) onto my blog, rendering it pretty much un-viewable to the mass audience. I figured this is a good time (travel ban? hello?) for me to dig into my old writing (maybe cringe at it a little), reduce that file size, and share with you some of the truly incredible buildings that shaped the American landscape.

Also, a side note - if you tell people that you’re studying their building, most people will let you into their homes. Just a little tip for all you murderers and psychopaths out there.

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Here are the buildings I will be writing about.

Buffalo, NY

  • Fontana Boathouse
  • Blue Sky Mausoleum
  • William R. Heath Residence (1904)
  • Walter V. Davidson Residence (1908)
  • Graycliff (1927)
  • Darwin D. Martin Residence (1904)

New York, NY

  • Edward E. Boynton Residence (1908)
  • Edward Serlin Residence (1949)
  • Reisley Residence (1951)
  • Guggenheim (1956)
  • Max Hoffman Auto Showroom (Mercedes) (1954)
  • Frank S. Sander Residence, Springbough (1954)
  • Ben Rebhuhn Residence
  • Crimson Beech
  • Stuart Richardson Residence

New Jersey

  • James B. Christie Residence (1940)
  • Bachman and Wilson Residence (1954}


  • J.A. Sweeton House (1950)
  • Suntop Homes (1938)
  • Beth Sholom Synagogue (1954)


  • Dudley Spencer Residence (1956)


  • Joseph Euchtman House (1939)
  • Llewellyn Wright House (1953)


  • Pope Leighey Residence (1939)
  • Luis Marden House (1952)

Mill Run, Pensylvannia

  • Lilliane S. and Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr. Residence, Fallingwater (1938)
  • Kaufmann Guesthouse (1938)
  • Bernadine and I.N. Hagan Residence, Kentuck Knob (1954)


  • Elizabeth and Don C. Duncan Residence (1957)
  • Balter House
  • Blum House

Cleveland, OH

  • John and Syd Dobkins House (1953)
  • Ellis A. Feiman House (1954)
  • Nathan Rubin Residence (1951)
  • Karl A. Staley House (1950)
  • Charles E. Weltzheimer Residence (1948)
  • John A. Mosher House

Toledo, OH

  • William Palmer Residence (1950)

Detroit, MI

  • Sara and Melvyn Maxwell Smith Residence (1946)
  • Wetmore Auto Service Station
  • Dr. H. and Dorothy H. Turkel Residence (1955)

Okemos, MI

  • Don and Mary Lou Schaberg Residence (1950)
  • Goetsch-Winckler Residence for Alma Goetsch and Katherine Winckler (1939)
  • Erling P. Brauner Residence (1948)
  • James Edwards Residence (1949)


  • Meyer May Residence (1908)
  • David and Christine Weisblat Residence (1948)
  • Samuel Eppstein Residence (1948)
  • Eric and Pat Pratt Residence (1948)
  • Anne and Eric V. Brown Residence (1949, 1950)
  • Robert D. Winn Residence (1950)
  • Dr. R. Bradford Harper Residence (1950)
  • Carl E. Schultz Residence (1957)
  • Ernest Vosburgh Summer Residence (1916)
  • K. C. DeRhodes Residence (1906)
  • Herman T. Mossberg Residence (1948)

Chicago, IL (YOU READY??)

  • Andrew F. H. Armstrong Residence (1939)
  • Ingwald Moe Residence
  • Wilbur Wynant Residence
  • Frederick D. Nichols Residence
  • S. A. Foster House and Stable (1900)
  • H. Howard Hyde Residence (1917)
  • Guy C. Smith Residence (1917)
  • William and Jessie M. Adams Residence (1900)
  • Raymond W. Evans Residence (1908)
  • Robie Residence (1906)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio (1890, 1897)
  • Unity Temple (1904)
  • Robert P. Parker House (1892)
  • Thomas H. Gale Residence (1893)
  • Walter H. Gale House
  • Nathan G. Moore House
  • Hills-DeCaro House
  • Arthur B. Heurtley House
  • Laura Gale House
  • Peter A. Beachy House
  • Frank Wright Thomas Residence, The Harem (1901) for James C. Rogers
  • Harrison P. Young Residence remodelling (1895)
  • Rookery Building Entryway and Lobby Remodeling (1905)
  • Ferdinand Frederick and Emily Tomek Residence (1904)
  • Avery Coonley Residence (1907)
  • Coonley Gardener's Cottage (1911)
  • Coonley Garage with Stables (1911)
  • Robert G. Emmond Residence (1892)
  • Peter Goan Residence (1893)
  • W. Irving Clark Residence (1893)
  • Stephen M. B. Hunt Residence I (1907)
  • Frederick Bagley Residence (1894)
  • O.B. Balch Residence (1911)
  • Henry S. Adams Residence and Garage (1913)
  • William E. Martin Residence (1902) and Pergola (1909)
  • Harry C. Goodrich Residence
  • Mamah Borthwick and Edwin H. Cheney Residence (1903)
  • Rollin Furbeck Residence (1897) and Residence Remodelling (1907)
  • William G. Fricke (Fricke-Martin) Residence (1901) and Emma Martin Garage (1907)
  • Charles E. Roberts Residence Remodelling (1896)
  • Charles E. Roberts Stable (ca. 1900)
  • George Furbeck Residence (1897)
  • Scoville Park Fountain (1903)
  • Franscisco Terrace Apartments for Edward Carson Waller (1895) (archway only)
  • George W. Smith Residence (1896)

Taliesin East

  • Taliesin Fellowship Complex, Hillside
  • Andrew T. Porter Residence,Tan-y-deri (1907)
  • Romeo and Juliet Windmill (1896, 1938)
  • Midway Barns (1938)
  • Taliesin III, Frank Lloyd Wright House and Studio (1925)
  • Unity Chapel (1886)
  • Riverview Terrace Restaurant - Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center (1953)
  • Wyoming Valley Grammar School (1956)

Madison, Wisconsin

  • Monona Terrace (1997)
  • Herbert and Katherine Jacobs Second Residence (1944)
  • Mary Ellen and Walter Rudin Residence (1957)
  • John Clarence Pew Residence (1938)
  • Unitarian Society Meeting House (1947)
  • Eugene Van Tamelen House (1956)
  • Herbert and Katherine Jacobs First Residence (1936)
  • Eugene A. Gilmore Residence (1908)
  • Robert M. Lamp Residence (1903)
  • Bernice and Richard Smith Residence (1950)
  • Dr. Maurice and Margaret Greenberg Residence (1954)


  • Arthur L. Richards Duplex Apartments (1916)
  • Arthur L. Richards Small House (1915)
  • Richards Bungalow (1915)
  • Albert (Ollie and Edie) Adelman Residence (1948)
  • Joseph Mollica Residence (1958)
  • Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (1956)

  • Frederick C. Bogk Residence (1916)


  • Herbert F. Johnson Residence, Wingspread (1937)
  • Henry and Lily Mitchell Residence (1894)
  • Thomas P. Hardy Residence (1905)
  • S.C. Johnson & Son Administration Building, Johnson Wax Building (1936)
  • Johnson Research Tower


  • William B. Greene Residence (1912)
  • Frank L. Smith Bank
  • B. Harley Bradley Residence, Glenlloyd
  • Warren Hickox Residence
  • Edward P. Irving Residence
  • Dana-Thomas Residence
  • Lawrence Memorial Library


  • Russell W. Kraus Residence

Kansas City

  • Frank Bott Residence
  • Clarence Sondern Residence
  • Community Christian Church


  • Henry J. Allen-Lambe Residence
  • Corbin Education Center


  • Price Tower
  • Harold Price, Jr. Residence, Hillside
  • Richard Lloyd Jones Residence, Westhope

Dallas, Texas

  • John A. Gillin Residence
  • Dallas Theater Center for Paul Baker


  • Taliesin West


3 years ago

This is actually great... I happened to seen your videos and ended here, just to let you know all your works are helping young architect's like me some way or other to thrive and become better at what we do...

Love from India...


2 years ago

Wow, this is an impressive feat!
I had an Uncle who was an interior designer in NYC, now deceased. We had a summer tradition throughout my childhood and into my young adulthood visiting “America's Castles”, the historic homes, up and down the US eastern seaboard. One summer we dedicated a few weeks to the creations of Frank Lloyd Wright. Our journey was not nearly as expansive as yours and I would be lying if I didn't say I was a bit envious. I cannot wait to read your musings on the various structures. I do have the pleasure of feasting my eyes on the Marin County Civic Center every weekday!

Ged Carroll

1 year ago

I use Flickr as my image host for my blog and visual diary. That is an amazing set of road trips

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